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All of Britannia''s gigs have been provided by the Britannia Association, an organisation of retired officers and wellwishers who donate recreational equipment for use of the young naval officers training at Britannia College. The names of the gigs were all Leander Class frigates which leading members of the Britannia Association either commanded or served in. The gigs are predominantly for the use of the young officers under training, however if there is space staff officers and others serving at or associated with the College may be part of the crew. This creates a constraint in that the students are only at the College for 9 months so our crews change on a rolling basis over that period. Often several of the young officers have rowed for local clubs before joining the Service. Last Easter we had 4 including Matt (Ned) Rogers from the Islands. Given our crew turnover we are unlikely to achieve world-shaking pre-eminence, but then that not what we are about as a Club. Britannia tried to come over in 2003, hoping to sail to the Islands. However, their attempts to reach the Islands were complicated by a requirement to link the trip with a navigation exercise in motor launches that were deemed prudent in the rough weather to halt the passage at Falmouth. In 2004, the Britannia Association came to the Islands on the Scillonian and in two RIB seaboats which assisted marshalls at the Championships. Thanks to Bill Thomson. Contact details: Mrs Gail Peart, see website.


    • Ajax (2004)

    • Bacchante (2003)

    • Leander (2002)

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