Falmouth PGC

Up to 2000, Falmouth were climbing up the tables. Their best year was in 2002, when they got ''the treble'' - they won mens'', womens'' and veterans'' races. Since, their A-crews have stayed close to the top of the tables. Irene was acutally built for GB,CON,PNR, but was launched and first used at the 2001 World Gig Championships by US,MA,SAQ from Plymouth in the USA. Penryn Rowing Club primarily row Flashboats and Skiffs. In 2001, Irene was their first gig. [Source: Penryn Rowing Club, TR15 1LU]


    • Black Rock (2010)

    • Energy (1985)

    • Fury (1992)

    • Idas (1993/6)

    • Irene (1999/2002)

    • Irene Too (2005/4)

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